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Decal Trio Deal

Decal Trio Deal

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For a limited time, get the "My Other Car..." decal and the "Gearhead704" decal and the "Firks Berdy" sticker for $9.47!

Of course, one of those Altered Fox toolbox stickers get thrown in too! 

These are die-cut vinyl decals, made by cutting NOT printed with inks, NO visible background or bordering spaces.

Waterproof vinyl will last!  There are for long term outdoor and indoor use and is supplied with pre-masking transfer tape to make easy to apply to your rear window or any other clean, smooth surface.

Gearhead704 - Matt is well known in the foxbody YouTube world and this is the only place to get this decal to show your support!  Profit from this decal goes directly to support his channel!  His decal is approximately 8" wide by 4.5" tall.  Yuuuuge!  

My Other Car is a Foxbody - This is also an Altered Fox exclusive, but profit from this one goes to support this Altered Fox website full of foxbody parts!  The size is approximately 11" wide by 4" tall.  Also yuuuuge!   

FIRKS BERDY - Irma Gurd, Issa Firks Berdy!  - 3" in diameter


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