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Foxbody Fender Clip-Nuts Foxbody Fender Clip-Nuts


Foxbody Fender Clip-Nuts




This steel speed nut, clip nut or U-nut, by Foxbody Performance is the correct size (M6) for 86 to 93 original fender bolts.  However, if you are upgrading your fender bolts to an M6 size, these...
Inner Tie Rod - Moog-EV117 Inner Tie Rod - Moog-EV117


Inner Tie Rod - Moog-EV117


These Moog replacement inner tie rods are designed as OE replacements for your stock units, but are designed/built to be stronger and last longer. They also have an easy-access wrench flat that allows for the...
Power Steering Hose - 3/8 inch Power Steering Hose - 3/8 inch


Power Steering Hose - 3/8 inch


Not much excitement here - just 27 inches of power steering hose.   Original equipment equivalent assemblies Manufactured using nitrile tube and oil-resistant synthetic rubber cover Manufactured with a special chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) tube It may...
Rack & Pinion Bellows - Moog K8439 Rack & Pinion Bellows - Moog K8439


Rack & Pinion Bellows - Moog K8439


A.K.A. inner tie rod dust boots. Inspect your boots closely when replacing inner tie rods.  Typically when your inner tie rods wear out, it's a good time to go ahead and replace these boots.  They...