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Flowmaster 40 Series - The Original

Flowmaster 40 Series - The Original

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The sound that EVERY foxbody had back in the 80’s and 90’s!  And it’s still a great sound!  Heads will whip around as people look to see what’s making that 5.0 foxbody sound!  This is also one of the First Top Ten mods - that’s the first ten things that were done to a stock fox back in the day. 

Altered Fox brings you the Flowmaster 40 Series 2-pack - bundle and save!  (Choose the 2-pack before adding to the cart.)  

  • 2.25 inch inlet and outlet
  • 13" body length / 9.75" body width
  • Choose 1 or 2 mufflers 

Autocross Recommendations:

  • SCCA Street Category (2020) - Changing the muffler is allowed, plus the exhaust pipes from the cat(s) to the tailpipe.  If you have a factory single exhaust car, you will need to retain single exhaust and the same single exhaust exit.  See your muffler shop for custom single exhaust fabrications.  Dual exhaust wasn't standard until 1986 for the 5.0. 
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