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Steering Rack Bushings - Billet Aluminum Offset - .25" or .4"

Steering Rack Bushings - Billet Aluminum Offset - .25" or .4"

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These aluminum steering rack bushings adjust both Ackerman angle and bumpsteer geometry, for better steering response, quicker corner-entry turn-in and more stability. The aluminum bushings replace the factory rubber bushings that mount the steering rack to the front crossmember. By eliminating deflection in the rubber mount, steering response is quicker and more precise. The reversible flange design can be installed two different ways, giving the installer the choice of maintaining factory Ackerman geometry or increasing Ackerman to quicken turn-in and reduce tire scrub in sharp corners. The offset bolt hole in the bushing moves the steering rack up on the crossmember to correct bumpsteer geometry on cars with modified suspensions such as increased caster, X2 balljoints, aftermarket K-members, or other modifications.

Two different offset heights are available to suit different applications. A 1/4" offset fits all foxbody Mustangs from 1985 to 1993.  A .40" offset is also available for larger corrections. 

Modified suspensions requiring large adjustments with a bumpsteer kit will still benefit from using the offset rack bushings because they will reduce the number of spacers required on the bumpsteer kit. A shorter stack of spacers reduces deflection of the bumpsteer stud, increasing steering precision. For optimum performance bumpsteer should be checked and adjusted with a bumpsteer kit (adjustable height outer tie rod) after offset rack bushings are installed.


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