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Fuel Injector 24lb from Foxbody Performance

Fuel Injector 24lb from Foxbody Performance

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Set of 8 Foxbody Performance fuel injectors!

  • Maintains precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for more power better throttle response and improved fuel economy
  • All new not a modified stock injector and not remanufactured from a used core
  • Ultra fine atomization and accurate metering control
  • Flows 24 pounds per hour

Please read: Requires mass air unless using terminator x or other aftermarket computer/engine control system. Factory computer should be a X3Z or A9L with tuning. Requires a mass air sensor programmed for 24lb injectors.  You should also have upgraded heads/cam/intake.  Using larger than necessary fuel injectors can cause serious damage to your engine. 


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