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Motor Mounts - 5.0 Engine Only

Motor Mounts - 5.0 Engine Only

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These are temporarily out of stock and aren't able to be ordered.  Check back for updates.   

If they haven't already, rubber factory mounts on your foxbody will soon wear out and you'll be running metal on metal with your engine jumping all around, losing power. Not only is this excess movement dangerous, but it also causes extra noise and vibrations. Prothane's polyurethane motor mounts will provide firm support for your engine, while still enjoying the benefits of a smooth ride.

With these new polyurethane mounts installed, you can achieve more power to the wheels with an almost indestructible mount, gaining an edge on the street or on the track. These mounts are very durable and are resistant to oil, chemicals and other road contaminants that would normally deteriorate a rubber mount. 

Prothane part number - 6501

Energy Suspension part number - 4.1122


California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

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