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Steering Rack Bushings Offset - Prothane 6704 - for 85 to 04 Mustang

Steering Rack Bushings Offset - Prothane 6704 - for 85 to 04 Mustang

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Your steering rack is the portion of your lowered steering system that takes your actual input, the turning of the steering wheel, and makes the vehicle react. It does this through two main components: the teeth on the rack itself, and a gear that rolls over them. Steering rack bushings are designed to protect these components from impacts and grime. However, your OE steering rack bushings are most likely made of rubber, and while rubber does a decent job of reflecting impacts, it doesn't hold up to road contaminants.

Prothane crafts each of their steering rack bushings with polyurethane, a material substantially more dependable than rubber. Capable of easily fending off both physical impacts and chemical contamination, these polyurethane bushings are sure to increase your steering rack's dependability and longevity.

  • Precision fabrication assures perfect fit
  • Holds super grease for quiet operation
  • Premium grade polyurethane components
  • Moves steering rack into improved position if your fox is really low 
  • Provides necessary rigidity

Prothane part number 6704



  • 1985 to 2004 Mustang
  • 1985 & 1986 Mercury Capri

Autocross Recommendations:
  • SCCA Street Category (2021) - NOT allowed 
  • SCCA Street Touring Category (2021) - NOT allowed
  • SCCA Street Prepared Category (2021) - NOT allowed 
  • SCCA Street Modified Category (2021) - ALLOWED

SCCA 2021 Rules 


California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

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