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Driveshaft Spacer 1979-2004 Mustang

Driveshaft Spacer 1979-2004 Mustang

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Steeda's driveshaft spacer eliminates the need to have custom shafts made for length deficiencies of 3/8" to 11/16". Greatly reduces the chance of slip yoke failure by maintaining proper engagement. This part was developed by Steeda Hardcore for the Renegade Mustang to fit a C4 transmission, but will also work in other applications where 3/8" to 11/16" extra length is required.

This spacer is made from billet aluminum for lower rotational mass. We do not use a cheap steel spacers with zinc plating like competitors imitations. Kit includes grade 12.9 hardware and features our limited lifetime warranty.

Note: Sold for use with 8.8" live axle applications - will not fit IRS axle.

Product Benefits
  • Eliminates the need for custom shafts
  • Greater engagement of splines
  • Lighter and more durable


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